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"Safety at First"


Recent increase in contagious diseases such as SWINE FLU, CCHF, HIV, HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS C, etc. made it necessary that the health employees who have the highest risk in being subject to such diseases are protected with increased measures.

One of such measures is the protection of eyes and face in cases where there is a risk of jerking body liquids. Eye mucosa and disintegrated skin are areas which should primarily be protected. As a result of our researches in this subject, there is no widely used equipment except for goggles and surgery masks in our country. Goggle usage is somehow not very regular, and when used, its use and disinfection after use is not connected to a procedure, it is completely in the people’s initiative. Moreover, surgery masks are equipments used for protection of the patient rather than the user. Only a N95 type mask can provide protection, provided that it is changed immediately after contact with blood or body liquid.

After such determinations we researched on masks which completely protect the face and developed our own mask which will respond to surgery operations, and got our patent. Then we presented the “Disposable Face Shield” to the use of health employees. With the help of our promotion activities, our mask attracted interest more than we expected. Infection control committees of the hospitals, employee safety units and quality units have responded positively in usage of the mask. Moreover, Service Quality Standards Guide published in December 2008 by the Ministry of Health, 112 Service Quality Standards Guide, Oral and Dental Health Centers Service Quality Guide have stressed its importance once again by saying “in places with risk of blood or body liquid jerking/dripping, apron with damp barrier, gloves and face mask should be present and be used”.
As it should be known, in all surgery operations there is a risk of blood or body liquid jerking, and emergency services or Ambulance services are riskiest services. Emergency service and Ambulance services usually have to intervene in cases without any information about the medical conditions of the patient. On the other hand, personnel who disinfect contaminated tools and equipments (surgery tools, bronchoscopes, endoscopes, dressing sets, etc.) should also be protected. Dentistry is one of the rare sectors where face mask is used, however their face masks are multiple-use, therefore carry the risk of contamination since usage and disinfection after use are not bound to any procedures.

Employee safety has an increasing importance in the recent years. Reports of health employees affected from Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever have important role in this. Unfortunately, since patient oriented infections before CCHF were not reported and published in our country, we do not have detailed statistics. Therefore a social disease, “nothing will happen to me” mentality is also sometimes pronounced for mask use. Even worse, some hospital managements see these new protection measures as a burden for their budgets and do not include in their stocks and do not see any problem in avoiding employee safety.

Despite all these, we still continue our work with the satisfaction of developing a product with interest and support of many of you.


A. Günay ŞENER

General Manager

Altyapı ONTEK